Tree Removal Cost - What Goes Into It

Tree Removal Cost - What Goes Into It

Tree Removal is a costly job usually.  Let’s not kid around.  But of course, it depends on a lot of factors. 

The most important thing to consider is how big the tree is.  A small tree, obviously, can be very simple.  A lot times on bigger jobs, small trees can be comped in – we don’t even charge for them, they are so easy. 

But it’s those bigger ones, the monsters, that can be an important factor of cost.  It becomes a lot of material to process, when dealing with bigger trees.

There Are Many Factors That Make Up Tree Removal Cost

The Many Factors The Make Up Tree Removal Cost

For example, all the branches get put through a chipper.  And the firewood is cut up, and split with a splitter.  We don’t split down to firewood size.  We just split so that the big pieces are lift-able.  Then we cart them out front, load them on a trailer, and say sayonara.

Big Wood, Before Splitting

Big Wood, Before Splitting

Actually it isn’t TOTALLY the SIZE of the tree either, that makes what the tree removal costs.  What it REALLY is (in addition to the size), is the difficulty.

See, a lot of times these big trees aren’t just big, they are hanging over stuff.  Wires, houses, landscaping, and other kinds of valuable stuff can be below the tree.  And you can’t just cut the tree down, and let it smash down on all that valuable stuff, can you?

What we do, is rope down the tree in sections, in that case.  We put on a tree brake at the bottom, this allows the section to be controlled even if it is heavy.  Then sometimes we put a sling around the tree, and a big pulley that can handle weight, and we start roping down parts of the tree.

You start from the bottom, and clear those branches, so the upper ones can swing free.

Pine Tree that is half removed

Sometimes, too, you shouldn’t just rope straight down, because it might be descending over something delicate, like a roof or wire or whatever.  So, then we swing it over to another area, where it is safe for the branch to come down.  It’s all systematic, even if it looks rather dramatic.  But these shenanigans take time, so it becomes a factor of cost.

A very important factor also is distance.  A great big monster tree is ONE thing out front, close to the truck.  It is altogether ANOTHER thing in the back yard.  An even HARDER thing is when it is in a place where it must be hauled up a hill.

When customers are asking me about cost, a lot them want to send me a picture.  I like pictures, but I must say I am terrible at bidding from them.  One time a lady sent me a picture of a pine tree she wanted to take down.  I said I thought it would be about 800.  When I go out there, I was like “well this is about $2000.”

Pictures distort size, and they don’t show difficulty or distance. 

I’ve been doing this gig over 30 years.  And all that time I’ve gone out to look at the tree jobs, to size them up.  Estimates are free, you can call me out anytime, and I’ll give you the run down on your tree removal job.

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