Tree Trimming Helps Property Value

Tree Trimming Helps Property Value

Tree Trimming Helps
Property Value

I’m not a realtor or anything.  I’m just a tree Service Company owner of some 30 years plus, but what I AM good at is observation and deduction thereby. 

And when it comes to property value, it is pretty obvious that landscaping is massive.  After all, besides the main buildings, what is the first thing a person sees?  How the property is accented by the landscaping.

I don’t know all the details in landscaping.  But the biggest part of the landscape is the trees that are on it; that is my province.   Treat your trees correctly, and they are an incredible asset, things of beauty.  But neglect them…

The good thing is, it isn’t something you have to worry about every day.  Trees grow slowly.  But at key junctures, it pays to take the right actions. 

For example, it would be a good idea to take a bit of consideration, and make sure the trees on a property are properly placed.  Do they FIT the landscape, and the buildings, in the way they look, in their manner of growth, their beauty, and the way they will look in the future?

Trees have different shapes, and they have different sizes in maturity.  A California Pepper, for example, can actually be quite beautiful, if it is trimmed right.  But it is a round shape, and it gets quite big, over time of course.  So, it would be a good idea to first ask, will the way it looks, when it is trimmed properly, look good, and accent everything well?  Is there enough space for it?  Are you worried about its mess?  Things like that.

But what I see a lot is quite over-grown California Peppers, with long pendulous branches, with a sort of shaggy beard, like something out of a fairy tale.

A Pepper Tree That's Only Slightly Unruly

A Pepper Tree That's Only Slightly Unruly

Well this Pepper is only slightly unruly, but it is the best example I have right now.  I’ll go on the hunt for a prize specimen, and put it here.  But you can get the idea just with this tree.  Doesn’t it look slightly out of control?  A little much?

Trees, and California Peppers are a classic example of this, if they are untrimmed, look a lot like huge bushes.  And people KNOW that they don’t look right.  You can just LOOK at them and see it.  It’s kind of like my hair, when I let it get too long.  It just looks unruly, wild.

We live in the city, let’s face it.  We have to keep trees safe, and trimming helps to do that, by reducing back those long pendulous branches, in a natural way (please), so they can bear the weight of themselves better.  And trimming also helps to reveal just how pretty the trees are.  I won’t continue the analogy of my hair here, because well…

So, for those reasons, it is good to trim trees every so often.  Not too much, just enough.

Birches - Before
and After

Birches - Before and After

That’s another thing.  A lot of times people want their trees cut too hard.  I have to fight against this, as part of my job.  It is an educational process, to learn what is going to be best overall for these trees.  They are living organisms after all.  In ways, trimming is stressful, it takes away part of the tree’s food.  So. it’s best not to get too carried away.  Make sure whoever does the work, knows their business.

Trimming is a kind of art, selective tree removal also.  With the right knowledge and care, the trees can look good for years.  But with wrong care…

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