Tree Removal CAN Be A Good Thing

Removing A Dead Oak in Valley Center

In my line of work (Tree Service), I am often called out to remove trees.  Sometimes it starts with a free consultation, where I need to assess the tree, to see what is the best thing to do. 

And a lot of times the client has a lot of mixed feelings about it.  People often don’t like to cut down a living thing.  And also, a person can grow somewhat attached to their trees, almost, but probably not as strong as how we all get attached to our pets. 

I mean, trees go back years.  If you lived at the place for a long time, for example, you have memories that the tree was sort of part of in a way, from all those years ago. 

Trees are special, let’s face it.  And I have always had a special feeling myself about trees, ever since I was a young boy, living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and hearing the sound of the wind through those pines, as I walked around our mountain cabin we had out there.  There’s something wise and magical about them.

That was what I felt back then.  Now, I confess, I don’t have those special feelings about my client’s trees, the way they do. I guess I don’t have time, or the right perspective right then, while assessing trees for removal.

Anyway, often times, in these days where trees can be quite mature, we discover that a tree really should come down.  Sometimes it is obvious, such as in this place in Valley Center, where we just took down this dead oak tree.

But other times the tree might be just too big, too heavy, and a threat to the property in various kinds of ways.

So HOW do we Remove the Tree

This is the next question.  Well, how do you DO it.  Sometimes here I will tell people, “well, we make sure to yell out, ‘TIMBERRR’ (you know like the old loggers did), so that you have time clear out of your house, then we just cut it down and hope it goes in the right way…”  Yeah, but I only say that cuz I’m a jokey kind of guy.  It may not be as funny in an article…

Thing of it is, tree removal is full of totally cool techniques.  You generally rope yourself into the tree, then descend like a spider into position that you need to be in.  This means you’re never really in danger, unless you cut your rope (which is really more of a novice move).

Thing of it is though, below the tree there is often a bunch of stuff that the customer would not look too kindly on having smashed up by falling wood.  This is where we use another handy technique called roping.  Like this:

One rope suspends the branch, the other pulls it out of the way.

As I get more videos, I plan to go into more depth about tree removal techniques, so look out for that.

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